Troll’s Toy ft. João Salcedo – Synesthesia


14 April 2023


Troll’s Toy ft. João Salcedo

Crafted improvisation in between two sip

Rosa Alice Branco

Synesthesia: sonically modelled body that pours into a glass of sensorial transpositions: music to be experienced during the precise silence between two sips. The piano persists in the red keyboarded mouth over the widely rosed face designed by Ricardo Miranda.

Flux of transpositions between sound and flavour, VIC NIC’s 7th phonographic release pours into a brew carrying the Lovecraft seal, where one may savour each of the 40 minutes that compose this improvised collaboration between Troll’s Toy and pianist João Salcedo. And, if a wine can be said to contain “wooden notes”, there’s no doubt that the wheat wine ordered by Lovecraft to the Burguesa brewery exhales the most unexpected musical notes.

Craft music is free from preservatives and other chemicals: it tastes unique each and every time. The sax insists on refusing gloves when touching the mouth’s liquid skin. A drum of flavours explodes in the palate, into the full lips of the guitar. To declare the sonic and savouring body as a network of cherry flavoured vibrations that make us swear by the existence of the soul, while Synesthesia improvises the trace that will remain within.


1. Troll’s Toy ft. João Salcedo Synesthesia 0:40:13


Synesthesia, uma cerveja que é um disco? [PT] Paixão pela Cerveja


Drums & Synthesizers // João Martins
Tenor Saxophone // Gabriel Neves
Baritone Guitar // Jorge Loura
Piano // João Salcedo
Recording & Mix // Tomás Pedroso
Mastering // Andrés Malta
Cover Artwork // Ricardo Miranda