Musgos – Memórias dissonantes de paisagens arrítmicas


27 May 2022

Memórias dissonantes de paisagens arrítmicas


Memórias dissonantes de paisagens arrítmicas is a record about resilience. Produced between 2016 and 2019 by Mario Engelter at the stunning Studio K61, in Berlin, the album took three long years to be recorded, mixed and mastered. Finally released by VIC NIC in 2022, such enterprise also required the participation of two guitarists, a saxophone player, a vibraphone player and… seven drummers.

Having moved to Berlin in 2013, Musgo’s return to Portugal in 2019 remarkably witnessed the reenlistment of the band’s original drummer from 2007, Miguel Sampaio, who currently plays a central role in this two-piece ensemble, together with Tiago Margaça on bass.

Like a painter with a brush, Musgos explores the utterly plastic character of sound to sketch out the experimental landscapes that define the band’s debut studio album. Mostly inhabited by post-prog-rock and art-punk-jazz elements, which are often complemented by otherworldly Super8 visuals, these soundscapes are likely to allow for singularly abstract impressions, wide open to the interpretation of the most imaginative listeners.


1. Intro 01:39
2. Inconstancia 02:45
3. Floresta 05:10
4. Viagem 06:23
5. Joaquim Agostinho 04:26
6. Cidade 06:39
7. Suche im Dunkel 05:43
8. Orvalho 07:16
9. Camafeu 03:29
10. Transito 02:24
11. Ir para o mar 08:10



Concept, composition & bass // Tiago Margaça

Drums // Ryan Thomas on Intro; Inconstância; Viagem; Joaquim Agostinho; Orvalho; Camafeu / Chris Hill on Floresta / Nona Kittie Christ Duus on Suche im Dunkel / Nicola Lopez on Cidade / Boris Biskaborn on Trânsito / Marco Rivagli on Ir para o mar

Guitar // Damian Sardo on Intro; Inconstância; Floresta; Viagem; Joaquim Agostinho; Cidade; Orvalho; Trânsito; Ir para o mar / Phil Loof on Suche im Dunkel

Sax // Michiel Renger on Joaquim Agostinho; Camafeu

Vibraphone // Anna Morley on Suche im Dunkel

Cover Artwork // Joao Abraul |

Cover design // Nayara Siler

Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered at K61 studios (Berlin) by Mario Engelter

Mastering for cassette // Lucas Palmeira