Zona Autónoma Improvisada (live) EP


12 March 2021

Zona Autónoma Improvisada

Hugo Branco

Zona Autónoma Improvisada was commissioned by Teatro Aveirense as a live soundtrack for the interactive laser installation Friction by the Openfield studio.

Originally composed in July 2020 for a live performance at the “Zona Autónoma” micro-festival, the sound performance was revisited and revamped for the multimedia show that took place at Aveiro’s municipal theatre on the 11th and 12th September 2020, within the Criatech art and technology festival.

Besides three audio cuts from the live show, we’ve included a PDF with a download link for a high-res video of the whole performance, captured by João Garcia Neto’s skilful lens. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

I composed this sound piece sitting on the floor at VIC’s underground auditorium. It felt like I was five again, playing LEGO on the floor at my mom’s place. My setup at Teatro Aveirense was an attempt to share this feeling with the audience, by translating the intimacy of my childhood home onto the theatre stage.

We’re in this together

Composition & live performance: Hugo Branco
Laser installation: Openfield Creativelab
Mastering: Lucas Palmeira
Cover design: Animal Sentimental
Cover photo: Joana Magalhães
Video: João Garcia Neto
Tiros nas Didascálias text by Bruno dos Reis,
read by João Tarrafa

Commissioned by Teatro Aveirense for Criatech

Don’t believe the hype

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Pictures of you

Photos by Joana Magalhães