Troll’s Toy

Rock | Jazz | Improvisation | Exploratory

Troll’s Toy

Order and chaos, silence and noise, war and peace. Gabriel Neves (Tenor Saxophone), João Martins (Drums and Percussion) and Jorge Loura (Baritone Guitar) imagined what it would be like if Frank Zappa, Wayne Shorter, Richard Wagner and Egberto Gismonti met at a Tool concert and formed a trio. Out of this mathematical impossibility Troll’s Toy was born..

The trio works with original compositions that carry on them vapors of unpredictable chemical reactions, which sometimes result in new alkaline materials, sometimes in acidic solutions, orienting the reports of these experiments to a very unconfined and unmarked electric jazz-fusion, revealing an unusual aesthetic amplitude.

The drums and percussion work is intense, dramatic and inventive, catalysing all the chain reactions; the saxophone explores registers so wide that it seems to create a dialogue with distinct wind instruments when, in fact, we are in the presence of a monologue; and the transvestite bass guitar is precise and ubiquitous, while also masterfully supporting all the other decibels of this sound laboratory.

In short, explosion and containment: this is also why weather forecasts are flawed. Thankfully – in this non-linearity, the answer is not necessarily proportional to the intensity of the disturbance: “order and chaos, silence and noise, war and peace”, remember?


Troll’s Toy