VIC NIC is a circulatory device for sonic, visual and written artworks, aiming to stimulate togetherness, experimentation and co-creation by facilitating the research, production and dissemination of unique world views.


The dream machine

Our crew of ambidextrous misfits lives and works at the Aveiro Arts House, a creative ecosystem that combines a micro-arts-centre, a guesthouse and an arts residency.

Consistently developing projects in fields like cultural programming, participatory arts, international cooperation and conservation of experimental heritage, we found ourselves dreaming of a distribution device that could amplify the processes and results of these projects. This is it.

So What

Soundwise, we feel happiest at the crossroads between sound art, exploratory electronics and more familiar genres such as psy-folk, symphonic punk, cumbia-hop and windy rock.

Besides a few suspiciously diverse compilations resulting from ongoing arts projects, we will be releasing content from artists whose work we feel strongly about, such as Santi Lesca, Troll’s Toy, Skier and Yeti, Martin Minervini or Boris Chimp 504.

We are also thrilled to present the debut works of exciting new projects such as Probióticos, Jenny & her Epileptic Dog, Musgos, Piurso and Azia.

Come together

On the backroads of DIY culture, we will keep pushing this safe harbour for the wild at heart towards the creation of possible shared futures by openly facilitating the flight plans of time travel artifacts. We hope you join us.

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