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With bass guitar and drums as central composition and improvisation elements, Musgos is an exercise of freedom through sound, devoted to the metaphysical experience of generating something unique and raw.

Born in Portugal in 2010, the project conducted by the musician and visual artist Tiago Margaça moved to Berlin in 2013, where a few demos were recorded and countless live shows were played at clubs such as Lido and SO36, also spreading out to other German towns such as Hamburg or Dresden, and to Italian towns like Udine and Viennese.

Since 2010, the project has evolved from the participation of brilliant musicians, such as guitarists Roberto Afonso, Phil Loof and Damian Sardo, vibraphone player Anna Morley, saxophone player Michiel Renger, and an impressive anthology of drummers, which include Miguel Sampaio, Erickson Gonzalez, Ryan Thomas, Chris Hill, Nicola Lopez, Nona Kittie Christ Duus, Boris Biskaborn and Marco Rivagli.

Between 2016 and 2019 the band recorded their debut studio album, Memórias dissonantes de paisagens arrítmicas. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mario Engelter at the stunning Studio K61, in Berlin, the album was finally released in 2022 in cassette and digital formats by independent mixed media label VIC NIC. The return of Musgos to Portugal in 2019 was backed by the reenlistment of the band’s first and original drummer, Miguel Sampaio, who now plays a central role in this two-piece ensemble, together with Tiago Margaça on bass.

Often complemented by ethereal Super8 projections, Musgos features elements of post-prog-rock and art-punk-jazz, while being best defined by the employment of dissonance and arrhythmia to boost the possibilities of self-expression.